Personal Membership

Information for Personal Members

Personal Membership Benefits

  • Participation in the AIES Identifying Numbering Scheme (Members Grade S, M only) for the purpose of identifying in-service equipment, fabrications inspected or designs verified within their area of competence
  • Free electronic copy of the AIES Gazette publication
  • Access to resources on the Members Area of the AIES website and LinkedIn group
  • News on developments in standards and codes, legislation, work health and safety, technical matters and failures
  • Opportunities to attend general meetings, special site visits and forums
  • Possibility of publishing technical articles
  • Opportunities for liaison with equipment inspectors throughout Australia and New Zealand

Criteria for Personal Membership

Membership is available to people with an interest in the safety of hazardous equipment as defined in the Institute’s Objectives. This includes boilers and pressure equipment.

The three main grades of personal membership are:

  1. Senior Member (Grade S)
  2. Member (Grade M) and
  3. Associate (Grade B)

(Membership may also be held by organisations under Grade C. See Affiliate/Corporate information)

Equipment Inspectors and Design Verifiers currently certificated at the senior level usually satisfy AIES criteria for Senior Membership Grade S. Documentation of qualifications, certifications and five (5) years suitable experience in inspection or verification is required.

Applicants for Member Grade M must hold a suitable certificate of competency or equivalent. At the time of application they must hold employment in this area and supply documentary evidence.

People who may be entering the industry or who do not possess all the above credentials but who have some technical competence in the area of hazardous equipment are usually eligible for admission as Associate Member Grade B.

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