AIES Objectives

Statement of Objectives

The objectives of the Australasian Institute of Engineer Surveyors Incorporated (AIES) are to:

  1. Promote the development and practice of inspection of plant and equipment and coordinate its activities throughout Australia and New Zealand. Equipment shall include boilers and pressure vessels.
  2. Advance the interests of all those engaged in the profession and safeguard their status and character.
  3. Establish, promote, form, regulate and control any division of the Association in each State or Territory of Australia or New Zealand pursuant to the objectives of the Association.
  4. Foster fraternal sympathy amongst members and stimulate discussion of all matters related to hazardous equipment.
  5. Promote a uniform standard for inspectors throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  6. Promote self regulation by the adoption of relevant Regulations and Standards and recognition of those accepted as members of the Association.
  7. Encourage industry in the use of member’s services for hazardous equipment inspection and all related activities to ensure safety in the workplace.
  8. Promote public and environmental safety in the design, fabrication, testing, installation and inspection of hazardous equipment.

Practice of Inspection

Public Safety Guidelines

Core Objectives of AIES


Member Interaction

Industry Discussion

Uniform Standardisation


Safe Work Guidelines

Design Integrity

Industry Standards