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Standards news

AS 3992:2020 Pressure equipment – Welding and brazing qualification has now been published and is available for purchase from SAI Global. In addition, AS 1796 Pressure Equipment—Qualification of welders, welding supervisors and welding inspectors is currently under revision, with one of the main objectives being incorporation of a section on the Qualification of Welding Inspectors. AIES members are encouraged to contribute to this process through their Standards Australia Representatives on committee ME-001.

Response to COVID-19

AIES, in response to social and economic impacts on its members and the Australian pressure equipment industry is:
1/ Waiving 2020/21 membership fees for existing financial members,
2/ Offering 50% discount on new memberships for 2020/21, and
3/ Conducting all AIES meetings via video conferencing
until current government restrictions are lifted.
Full services to members and the industry will be maintained throughout this difficult period.

AIES resigns from AICIP

AIES have officially resigned from membership and the Board of the Australian Institute for the Certification of Inspection Personnel (AICIP). AIES was a Foundation Member of AICIP in 1995 and represented the greatest number of AICIP Certified Inspectors, so the decision to resign has not been taken lightly and was reached with many frustrations.  Our resignation is an extremely disappointing situation for our association given our history and contributions to AICIP over many years. The reasons behind the unfortunate resignation and what this means to members will be communicated in the coming weeks.


Welcome to the new AIES website! Take a look around to find out more about our Institute’s role and activities. AIES members have now been sent an email with login details to gain access to the Members Area knowledge bank. Check it out! Not an AIES member? Head to our Membership pages to find out how you can join.


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